• RetryConfig


  • Retry and Backoff config for Qldb Driver.


    RangeError if retryLimit is less than 0.


    • retryLimit: number = 4

      When there is a failure while executing the transaction like OCC or any other retryable failure, the driver will try running your transaction block again. This parameter tells the driver how many times to retry when there are failures. The value must be greater than 0. The default value is 4. See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/qldb/latest/developerguide/driver.best-practices.html#driver.best-practices.configuring for more details.

    • backoffFunction: BackoffFunction = defaultBackoffFunction

      A custom function that accepts a retry count, error, transaction id and returns the amount of time to delay in milliseconds. If the result is a non-zero negative value the backoff will be considered to be zero. If no backoff function is provided then defaultBackoffFunction will be used.

    Returns RetryConfig


_backoffFunction: BackoffFunction
_retryLimit: number


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